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Our Group Sourcing business is built on the principle of connecting companies who spend in similar categories, aggregate their spending and negotiate better pricing from a group of carefully selected suppliers. 100% focused on procurement, specialized in a number of industries and spend categories, serving clients across the region and operating on a performance-based model.

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We manage the whole engagement on behalf of you.


Group purchasing / Tendering Services

We provide end-to-end services in the sourcing cycle - from spend analysis and opportunity identification to contract implementation.

Spend Analysis Services

Spend analysis is a mandatory step toward actual cost reduction, continuous process improvement, and value creation. Spend analysis services enables companies to identify savings opportunities.

Tail-Spend Management Services

Tail spend is one of the biggest sources of incremental savings available.

Procurement Support Services

Support services from PROCUREMENT+ are designed to help procurement teams meet the Increased demand from internal customers and keep pace with rising expectations.

Category Management Services

Category Management is a strategic approach that organizes procurement resources to focus on specific areas of spends. The results can be significantly greater than traditional transactional based purchasing methods.

Transformation of procurement function

Continuous transformation of the procurement department to meet the continuous changes in demand is essential in a dynamic market.

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