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There are 2 payment options:

1.Monthly fee: we charge a fixed monthly fee and you keep any savings we make for you.

2.Savings share: we receive an agreed upon percentage of the savings achieved.

Synergy requires 12-24 months of spend data for the commodity being reviewed, along with details of any contractual obligations.

We proudly serve clients in UAE, KSA, Oman, and Bahrain.

We are confident that we can identify and deliver on opportunities for you to save money. Our guarantee is simple: if you don’t save, we don’t get paid.

In Category Management, we group spend into categories of similar products. This strategic approach allows us to consolidate areas of spend for greater efficiency.

With Category Management, we might split direct and indirect products and services, or look at them by value, supplier, type or volume. To do so, we use an analysis method like Pareto (80/20) where 80% of the spend involves 20% of the suppliers, or ABC Analysis which inventories categories from most crucial and tightly controlled (A) to those with most minimal records (C). These models help us see where high levels of spend are being accrued and where focus should be placed.

In Spend Analysis & Opportunity Assessment, we review your procurement spend data to see where we can decrease costs, increase efficiency or improve supplier relationships. During this process, we collect, cleanse, classify and analyze spend data either using specialized software or one-off spend cubes.

Spend analytics is one of the key tools that Procurement+ uses to identify savings opportunities, manage risks and optimize your buying power. We truly see it as the fundamental foundation of sourcing.

Tail spend is that last 20% of the spend, which is often characterized by having a large number of non-strategic suppliers with little or no relationship management in place. Organizations often neglect tail spend, to their detriment. Because of the lack of organization of relationships with tail spend suppliers.

Tail spend is often full of challenges that render traditional procurement strategies ineffective. In contrast, the average cost per transaction with tail spend is often significantly higher to most enterprise organizations. That’s why Procurement+ sees that the tail of the supply chain can often be the biggest source of incremental savings.

Indirect Spend is the sourcing of goods and services for a business, not directly related to its core activity, but to enable it to maintain and develop its operations. The goods and services considered as part of indirect procurement are commonly directed at internal stakeholders rather than the external customer or client. Indirect Procurement categories include, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing-related services (media buying, agencies)

  • Professional services (consultants, advisers)

  • Travel management services (travel desk office)

  • IT- related services (hardware, software)

  • HR-related services (recruitment agencies, training)

  • Facilities management and office services (telecoms, furniture, cleaning, catering, printers)

  • Utilities (gas, electricity, water)

  • Consumables (grease, oil, etc.)

  • MRO (Maintenance repair and operations)

  • Capital goods (Plant and machinery)

  • (Fleet management)

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) help businesses who regularly buy similar products gain greater leverage through combining their purchasing power. A GPO is created to obtain better rates from suppliers based on the collective buying power of its members.

For GPO members, this generates preferential prices and better contract terms, as well as saving time and freeing up internal procurement resources.

Managed Procurement Services are a special service offered by Procurement+ whereby you outsource your procurement to us. Many companies simply underestimate the skill and time it takes to effectively manage procurement internally. Strategic sourcing operations are paramount to the success of the organization, and should continue to evolve to reflect the size, structure and maturity of the company. Procurement+ takes care of procurement for companies of all sizes, allowing them to better control cash flow, reduce overhead, and leverage our decades-long in-depth knowledge of sourcing in the GCC. We also offer Tendering Services, whereby we launch tenders on our clients’ behalf to seek out the best and most competitive suppliers and service providers. Tender Services cover everything from drafting the RFP to assessing bids, on through the final award.

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