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KSA Expertise - Merger

We helped a leading bank in KSA going through merger to identify and  generate synergies

A Financial Organization in KSA went through  merger, Procurement + was  engaged to identify and deliver savings and  contractual efficiencies due to merger.


  • – Synergies
  • – Optimization of suppliers
  • – Optimization of agreements


  • – Savings
  • – New contracting models
  • – Suppliers partnership
  • – Contracts management


18% savings

Long term partnerships

Best-in-class contracting models established
  • – Prepared case studies to identify synergies through spend analysis and review of contracting models.
  • – Achieved Saving through consolidating the demand of both banks, negotiating better rates and standardization of SOW.
  • – Promoted signing multiyear framework agreements across 7 categories to enhance supplier relationship management, e‰ciencies and price certainty.
  • – Recommended moving from input-based SOW for FM services to performance-based with SLA’s and KPI’s.

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