Group Purchasing

Our GPO is the first of its kind in the GCC, helping our members achieve savings through consolidating their similar spend and negotiating lower rates and better terms.

A Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) connects companies who spend similar categories, aggregates their spending and negotiates better pricing from a group of carefully selected suppliers. We help our members save time and money by negotiating purchasing contracts and service agreements across a broad range of products and services

SMEs purchase a variety of products and services – from office supplies to cellular phone service to food and beverage to contract staffing services. Unfortunately, smaller businesses can’t buy at the same volume as a larger company and will typically end up paying a higher price for the same products and services. By leveraging the purchasing volume of our members we are able to negotiate lower prices and better service levels directly with manufacturers, distributors, and other vendors.


  • Guranteed savings
  • Benefit from economies of scale
  • Dedicated procurement team
  • Saving sharing approach
  • Global best practices processes and tools
  • Vetted & trusted supplies