Spend Analysis Procurement | Opportunity Assessment

Spend Analysis And Opportunity Assessment

Spend Analysis & Opportunity Assessment is the starting point for all future procurement services and activities. It is the first step for MENA and GCC SMEs that are looking to take procurement performance to the next level.

Through our Procurement+ Spend Analysis & Opportunity Assessment, we provide our clients with answers to these fundamental questions that any business or organization needs to ask:

  • What is money being spent on?
  • What is the potential for further cost reduction through better procurement practices?

We understand that our clients are busy with the day-to-day of running a company, that’s why we promise to conduct Spend Analysis & Opportunity Assessment quickly with minimal disruption or time required on your part. At the end, you will receive an accurate, category-by-category analysis of where you stand today along with estimates of available savings.


  • Extracting data related to procurement
  • Conducting brief focused interviews with procurement staff and other stakeholders
  • Cleaning & categorization of extracted data to clean supplier names and create a master taxonomy across your business
  • Verification of classification with key stakeholders to ensure complete accuracy


  • Saves time, allowing clients to focus on value-add activities
  • Greatly increases spend visibility, helping clients to continually identify future cost-saving opportunities
  • Leverages benchmark database to add insight to spend data
  • Provides unified location to see all spend across your organization, combining different data sources, business units, geographies etc.