Tail Spend Management Services

Stop neglecting your tail spend and unlock savings with our Tail Spend Management services

Tail spend makes up around 20% of the total spend, but involves 80% of suppliers. It usually involves a series of indirect or miscellaneous spend categories that aren’t the core of business, which is why many procurement departments tend to ignore tail spend in favor of focusing on the strategic spend. Tail spend is viewed both as less significant in terms of potential savings, and more of a hassle. But by neglecting it, organizations miss out on valuable opportunities for significant savings. We track down these savings with tail spend management tools and delivery options that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


  • Non-strategic spend usually dones not go through procurement.
  • Multiple or non-recurring suppliers.
  • Unpredictable demand.
  • Non-stategically sourced.

In our experience, we hae helped companies realize significant cost saving and benifits through tail spend management

These benifits Include:

  • Unlocking unexpected savings.
  • Greater visibility and control of expenditure.
  • Future-proofing tail spend and preventing spend creep.