Strategic Sourcing Services

Our Strategic Sourcing service drives savings across all spend categories through better supplier selection and reduced supply risk.

To effectively reduce costs, organizations need a holistic approach across all categories, departments, operations and locations. This is not always the case, as procurement is often fragmented throughout the company.

Procurement + Strategic Sourcing service is an across-the-board solution to address this, either on its own or as part of our Managed Procurement Services.

We start with a detailed analysis across the company-wide spend so that our strategies and tender negotiations are driven by real, current data. Once we establish category cost baselines, we then look at current and potential suppliers to suggest the right strategy for each spend category. We take care of all RFP documentation and tender

contracts, keeping in mind the commercial approach and model that they represent.

Working closely with your team, we will set action plans to implement the new strategy to ensure ultimate success. Our extensive experience in the GCC procurement landscape across multiple categories and sectors informs our sourcing strategies. Our support extends through finalizing negotiations and closing deals, while continuing to assess purchasing activity and performance in light of the rapidly shifting business environment. This methodological approach delivers long-term, sustainable and measurable savings that show up in the bottom line.

Strategic Sourcing