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Property Management Company, Procurement policies and processes redesign following organizational changes

Topic Description
Client issue The organisation had recently updated its operating model, moving from a decentralised model to a ‘Centre-Led’ model with the proposed introduction of a corporate procurement unit to lead on procurement strategy, policy, procedures and category management. The client identified the need to develop a formal procurement strategy and to amend current procurement policies and processes to better fit the new organization design and cater for varying needs across its three main subsidiaries.

Procurement Plus was engaged to develop the procurement strategy, review and update procurement policies and processes and to meet the needs of the business
What we did Procurement Plus supported the client with the development of new procurement policies and processes that were tailored to meet the client’s business requirements. Specifically our work included:
– Conduct an assessment of the client’s procurement and supply chain capabilities and operational needs
– Assess the client’s existing practices
– Design and documented optimized procurement and supply chain policies and processes
– Incorporated cross-functional requirements in procurement and supply chain practices (e.g. Finance, Operations)
– Developed a suite of procurement templates – RFP, RFQ, PQQ, EOI, evaluation models, sourcing strategy models etc.
– Training delivery to the procurement and supply chain team and end-user champions
– Development of procurement and supply chain delegation of authority
Value added – Documented procurement strategy
– Optimized policies aligned to support frontline operations
– Optimized procurement processes and procedures that procurement routes and give adequate direction to the procurement team and end-users

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